Miss Jennette’s Quarters of Solitude

Painting sensuality with dreamy pastel tones, New York based Miss Jennette offers a window to a woman’s intimate moments.  The series of analogue self-portraits, captivate the viewer with the softness and ambience they emanate, timeless and overflowing with sweet melancholy.

In the artist’s own words:

“My Quarters of Solitude was a series of self expression of my very introverted intrinsic nature. I wanted it to capture the light, color and warmth I find inside my room and my consciousness in my most solitary moments. I am attempting to emphasize the importance of being comfortable alone with your mind, skin, and sexuality. People are taught very young that always being outgoing, social, and working as a team are all positive attributes and there is a bit of a stigma on being introvert. So the series is my interpretation of how I consider being alone, tapping into your imagination, and enjoying some introspection can be healthy and enlightening too.”

You can follow Jennette’s work on Tumblr: http://missjennettek.tumblr.com/

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