Exclusive: Dancing Persona by Nicolas Guerin

In his never-ending quest to find characters to be featured in his dance project, photographer Nicolas Guerin never fails, capturing the essence of different personalities in movement. Here, the French master photographer illuminates a new persona: model Charo Galura. In trance, enchanted by a spell, Charo project herself from within, dancing to rhythms that speak to her soul. Moving through the haunting and devilish sounds of When The Music’s Over by The Doors and through the majestic, voodooish and deeply malicious tones of Walk On Gilded Splinters by Dr. John, Charo grabs her very heart to let it speak.

The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0007 The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0006 The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0005 The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0004 The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0003 The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0002 The-Forest-Magazine_Nicholas-Guerin_Charo-Galura_0001Team Credits:

Photographer: Nicolas Guerin www.nicolasguerin.com
Model: Charo Galura www.charogalura.net