Heptalogy: Ella Uzan

Based between Hamburg and Paris, Israeli photographer Ella Uzan endeavours to create a particular atmosphere and achieve an emotional impact on her audience.

A girl who used to live in her own imaginary world, Ella was dreaming of magical places, which she depicts using different combinations of light and colours. She mentions that until six years ago, she would have never guessed that photography would become such an obsession for her.

It all changed the moment she acquired her first camera, occupying a spot in her heart ever since, her passion increasing in intensity and blooming rapidly after graduating from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, where she studied animation for 4 years.

Asked of the frequent appearance of young girls in her work, Ella replies that young models are always more authentic, they never fake, there is something pure and innocent about them but still, they are always strong in my photos. 

Her artwork has been displayed in various galleries around the world and can be seen in different popular fashion magazines and art festivals. Currently, Ella Uzan is working on her exhibition and plans to engage more with teaching photography to young photographers, with a focus on women.


Dance of the Cranes

My true passion lies in taking photos of people, but actually, this is one of my favorite photos. This is a very special place in north Israel called  Agmon Hahula [ed. Hula Valley]. Over half a million migrating seabirds, birds of prey and songbirds pass over this place. I got there in the sunrise, it was dark but I could hear the birds, slowly the light came up and this breathtaking view appeared in front of me.


This frame is a part of fashion Editorial for Go Magazine. A lot of my photos are inspired by painting and movies. My favorite filmmaker is Wes Anderson, I was thinking about him and his movies when I created this story. The boy in the photo is Ben Alon. He is a Model and an artist so for me it was a great experience to work with him. The stylist Haya Vider is my soulmate and I really felt we are creating magic that day. 


The girl and the fox is a photo that really close to my heart. She is a very special girl, I saw her just walking somewhere in the city, her hair is almost white with beautiful blue eyes, she really looks like a fairy. It was her first photoshoot and she was amazing and so natural, I think that’s why the mood is so magical and real, she was perfect for this scene. 


Recently I moved to Germany, and this is one of my first editorials I did here for Kaltblut Magazine. I think that as an Artist I’m changing all the time and in a new country everything is very exciting. When I created this photo I was inspired by the mood of the city, and I was thinking about my favorite classic oil painting. I shot this story in an old circus wagon with an amazing team. Art always was and always will be a big influence in so many ways, as an artist my biggest passion is to tell a story or make people feel something when they see my images.


I always try to tell a story in my photo, a lot of times it’s a reflection of my life or my childhood. I remember myself as a shy little girl, I had my own imaginary world, I used to walk on the streets and imagine frames. I never spoke with people and I didn’t have many friends but I never felt alone because I had my Imagination. I really appreciate my mom who always made me feel ok being silent, she never tried to change me and definitely influence the way I am today as an artist. Photography for me was the place where reality meets the imagination.


This is fashion editorial I did with really amazing stylist Salev Lavan, it’s a story about a hotel room and the different guests hosted in it. Same bed, same walls, the same view; only the people change. I love to show fashion with a great story behind it, I think it makes it much more interesting.


This is Fashion Editorial I did with really amazing stylist Salev Lavan, it’s a story about a hotel room that  different guests hosted in it.same bed, same walls, same view Just the people are changing. I love to show fashion with a great story behind it, I think it makes it much more interesting.